Introducing SC Halle!

SC Halle

With over 1,500 members, SC Halle is the biggest sports club in Halle Westfalen. In addition to sports such as football, table tennis, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, walking and jazz and modern dance, we offer a wide range of courses, numerous events and a diverse club community.
Whether you have long called Halle home or just arrived here - at our club there is something for every age and every interest!

Welcome to our club!

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Sports at a glance

Fußball für Mädchen und Frauen im SC Halle


Cheer us on and join in

The excellently run youth division forms the heart of the football division with a total of over 440 members. Not only the teams in the E-Juniors cup are enthusiastically supported in Halle but the 1st men's team as well. What's more, football for girls and woman has been an integral part of the division for many years.

Juniors: Michael Rasper | Tel. 0 52 01 25 66 |
Seniors: Jörg Stüber | Tel. 05201 7356565 | Mobile 0174 15 01 31 4 |
Women: Günter Schäfer | Tel. 0 52 01 81 92 39
Girls: Thorsten Dworrak | Tel. 0160 90 53 48 81 |

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With ambition and fun

The volleyball players really get down to business. The 1st and 2nd men's teams have fought many a thrilling club duel and the 1st ladies team have been promoted twice in a row. Furthermore, the division organises the "Haller Cup" every year and also offers volleyball just for fun.

Björn Kranenberg | | Tel. 05 21 9881 5 27

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Handball im SC Halle


Handball for children - let's go!

Children from 4 to 12 play in the male and female teams, from the  "minis" up to the D-Juniors, then they move up to the "big" teams. As well as sport, other activities, games festivals and competitions feature on the program.
Those who want to get to grips with this diverse, quick and exciting sport are always very welcome to join the individual age groups.

Tischtennis im SC Halle

Table tennis

A fast and popular sport

Table tennis have recently enjoyed great successes such as the 1st men's team's championship and cup victory. The juniors are doing equally well, with the division currently boasting five junior teams. Those who want to play as a hobby are also in good hands here and welcome at any time.

Gerhard Stoppenbrink | | 
Tel. 0 54 25 61 88

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Gymnastik im SC Halle

Walking im SC Halle

Gymnastics & Walking

For children, adults and seniors

The youngest members of the club are the gymnasts who are just one year old. We have groups for children of all ages, groups for adults who want to keep fit and of course classes for seniors, to stay flexible and healthy in old age. Even outside we keep things sporty - with the SC Halle's walking program!

Gymnastics: Monika Simunec | | Tel. 0 52 01 1 01 61
Walking: Marlen Stadermann | Tel. 0 52 01 28 28
Walking: Gaby Bredenbals | Tel. 0 52 01 45 30 (from 18:00 clock in the evening)

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Jazz und Modern Dance im SC Halle

Jazz und Modern Dance

From children's dance classes to competitive sport

The dance department offer classes for children, dance groups for fun and several competitive sport formations in jazz and modern dance in various leagues and age classes. The home tournament weekend (May 2016) provides an insight into this creative and sophisticated sport.

Birte Potthoff | | Tel. 0176 61 98 93 21
Juniors: Jennifer Opitz |

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Extras & Range of Courses

Range of courses

We regularly offer a variety of courses in cooperation with the Kreissportbund Gütersloh - also for non-members.

Keep moving at all ages

SC Halle is committed to health through sport and "fitness for senior citizens": From preventative sport from mid 30s right up to safe handling of a walking frame in advanced years.


SC Halle offer rehabilitation-sports in the area of orthopaedics* New members are welcome – especially in the second course! For more information contact the course leader Karin Kerwien.
Karin Kerwien: Tel. 0 52 01 1 67 41

*This course is intended for people with an orthopaedic indication.

Spielfest des SC Halle

Kindergarten-Cup des SC Halle

Annual events

"Spaß mit Spiel und Sport" (Fun & games & sport)
The games festival for children, every year in January for 30 years

Competition weekend for jazz and modern dance
A whole weekend of top dance performances in the spring

Sparkassen E-Juniors Football Cup
For over 25 years a permanant fixture in junior football, every year in early summer

Further events such as the Kindergarten Football Cup and the "Haller Volleyball Cup" in the summer and much more:

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SC Halle

Sport-Club Halle 1919 e.V.
Graebestraße 23 • P.O. Box 15 27 • D-33790 Halle ( Westf.)
Tel.: (0 52 01) 73 56 055

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